Bloodlines of Fate

A Night in the Tanner Tomb

Narrator: The tomb of Tanner has settled once more. The smell of musty air begins to return and dust long dormant has found new places to rest. Inside its main chamber Sora Seppo, young, beautiful and badly beaten collapses against a sarcophagus to drink from a water skin. Between gulps she looks over her motley band of rescuers and addresses them.

“Who sent you?”

When the group responds that it was her father, Barra, the smith of Fairmar, her elation quickly sours. Her face goes from pleasant exhaustion to tempered anger.

“Oh, so you work for that wretch, I’ll have you know I won’t go back to him.”

She glares, looking for hints of your true intentions not only in your response, but in the physical manner in which you give it.

Anna: Anna crouches to be at eye level with Sora. “I can’t begin to imagine what you have been through, but your father seemed to be very concerned about you. Do you mind if I ask why you are so angry with him?” Anna searches through her bag and offers Sora something to eat hoping that would help build her strength back.

Narrator: “The man is a beast!”

Between bites Sora recounts the last ten years of life with her father.

“A decade ago he sought political office through the backing of the merchants unions and failed. Convinced that it was the nobles of the city that had held him back, not his short comings, he sought power through other means. At first it was fairly benign, but eventually he fell in with the cities underworld. Most recently, upon learning that a nobleman’s son had fallen for me, he attempted to broker a marriage between us. Not for my betterment, but in the hopes that he could find a wealthy patron for his aspirations.”

“So I left the city with my boyfriend, someone I now know was a member of the Hand of Black. It was out of the frying pan and into the fire as you can see.”

She takes a moment to collect herself, the tale apparently bring back emotions not yet dealt with. When she continues she moves her gaze past each of you, taking a moment to let her story settle in.

“How much is he paying you all?”

Varis: Varis looks over at her and says, “He offered us eight hundred gold to bring you back to him.” Confused, Varis then asks, “Where do you plan to go from here if you refuse to go back?”

Narrator: The barmaid takes a moment to chew over the large reward offered by her father and responds.

“Eight hundred is far more than I could ever hope to offer you sadly, but if you have any interest in the greater good I would hope that you might let me go.”

A smile full of hope and begging for pity spreads across her face.

“I do have a potential opportunity you might pursue, if gold is your only motivation though. It involves another one of my fathers schemes. The man has many irons in the fire, all of them quite foul I’m afraid.

As to where I would go, Lochden always has work and is big enough to escape any efforts my father might make to bring me back.”

Shaitan: “Or better yet, where do you want to go when we take you back to him. No reason to not collect the reward, and in turn we can remove you away again, with some extra coin to help you on your way to Lochden.”



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