A mysterious and dark figure, Shaitan motives are never clear, but his fearful presence leaves all to understand that he is dangerous.


He has no memory, no past. Shaitan was drawn to a tomb by nightmarish visions. There he found criminals and thieves, and was moved to strike. A voice on the edge of his thoughts whispered that he had to kill them. Methodically moving into the tomb he struck, realizing he was imbued with some dark power. There was no lingering memory of being a warrior or at any time ever lifting a sword, but now it had purpose. Still with his deadly arts, he was unprepared for several guards and quickly overwhelmed. Perhaps to make an example of him or to even see how a man that does not breathe continues to fight, they bound and drug him deeper into in the catacombs.

Then a noise; arrows whistling down the hall, arms raised. His guards dropped him to investigate.

This was just the beginning for Shaitan and meeting his new and only friends.


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