Bloodlines of Fate

Winter in Fairmar: Part 1

On the fifth day of the new moon following the first snow of winter, three adventures found themselves in the city of Fairmar. Anna Darksbane an Eladrin Wizard, Peidmondar a Wilden Battlemind and Eolian a Half-Elf Bard. Each for their own reasons, but all seeking honest work. A flier in the town square peeked each of their interest and brought them together at the Boar’s Tusk Inn after sun down.

Malcolm Ash, the friendly owner of Asher Exports, seeking an end to his bandits problems, relayed his tale of woe. The Hand of Black had recently started attacking caravans headed south of the city. He offered to pay the adventures 200 gold to find the bandits base of operation. If they accepted he would pay for their stay in the inn and expect them to meet his driver in the morning at South’s Stable. Upon Malcolm’s departure the group decided to stay at the bar and drink a bit. Where they soon heard a rumor:

“Weapons are hard to come by because of the war, but some how Count Lonerail keeps his men well supplied.”

The next morning they met Ash’s driver at the stables and started the process of packing up a fake cart. While packing they were approached by Barra Seppo, he had heard the group was heading out to face off against the Hand of Black and offered to pay them 800g for the safe return of his adopted daughter Sora Seppo.

The cart ride south was relatively uneventful, save a song to ease the journey by Eolian. Two hours out of the city however, they were attacked by the Hand of Black. Bandits ambushed the cart and were caught off guard by the three adventurers who where prepared for them. A skirmish ensued that saw the party pushed close to their limit, but not broken. The tide was turned though when a cloaked elf, Varis, joined the group.

Upon dispatching five of the six bandits, the last one alive attempted to escape. The party gave chase and soon caught up to and interrogated him. Before his death they learned that the Hand of Black operated out of the Tanner Mausoleum and that Barra’s daughter was being held there as well.

Returning to Fairmar with information for Malcolm, the group was paid their reward and sent to Tomes and Such to speak with Reed. Reed was a able to locate the mausoleum for the group and pass along a map of the Fayhollow. Back at Asher Exports, Malcolm offered the group 400 gold to finish off the Hand of Black. The group took the offer and then the opportunity to rest up at the Boar’s Tusk, before heading out.


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