Over the course of but a few centuries Fayhollow has seen much prosperity sprout forth from her soil. Good fortune did not come without cost though, blood and toil were the price for a nation in it’s infancy to flourish. As often the case with empires that grow too quickly though, Fayhollow now spreads herself thin.

The nobles of Lochden, not satisfied with all they have achieved seek greater power by waging war across the sea. Famine spreads unnaturally across the north west in the surrounding regions of Belness. Whispers of Icevale’s secession spread like fire to brush in the capital. While Fairmar and Springmill serve as refuges from it all.

Such is the genesis of our tale, that a band of adventures would find themselves in Fairmar seeking work. Each from a different walks of life, driven to a foreign city to partner with unfamiliar faces by the hands of fate and time.

Bloodlines of Fate

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